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The Gold Medallion Media Awards are designed to reflect radio activity and the success of Australian Recording Artists and tracks within each respective state, during the designated judging period. 

Finalists & Winners must be residents of Australia and their recording must be predominately Australian; including musicians, producers, engineers and studio where album or track was recorded.

There will be no exceptions to this rule as it is the agenda of The Gold Medallion Media Awards, to promote, preserve and acknowledge the Australian Country Music Recording Industry.

The Gold Medallion Media Awards recognize all Australian country recording artists, who were born in each of the respective states and territories, broken into three (3) divisions -

     * Queensland
* New South Wales
 * South Central West (Victoria/Tasmania/South Australia/Northern Territory/Western Australia)

The awards are administered and presented by an executive, with radio presenters and high profile industry personalities from all over the country, invited to nominate their top 3 country artists and tracks in each of the four (4) categories -
     * Male Vocalist of the Year
      * Female Vocalist of the Year
      * Musician of the Year
      * Bush Balladeer of the Year

There are also five (5) national awards included in the awards to cover all states and territories:

      * Male Artist of the Year on Radio
      * Female Artist of the Year on Radio
      * New Talent of the Year
      * Vocal Collaboration of the Year
      * Group/Duo of the Year

After counting votes, each artist will only contest one of the first 4 sections, and their highest polling category will be the chosen category for any given artist. Therefore, an artist is clearly defined by their primary talent. For example, if an artist is primarily a bush balladeer (as a result of the polling results), they are ineligible to contest the Male or Female Vocalist categories and vice-versa. An artist who is a renowned Vocalist (and polls accordingly) is ineligible to contest the Musician category by recording an instrumental etc. New Talent is an open section (with the exclusion of previous winners), and any finalist in this category cannot contest the other 3 main awards.

Albums released from the 1st October to the 30th September are eligible and will be considered providing the artist was born in the state or the adopted state was their first home state in Australia; but only the latest album released by any artist is eligible, and tracks that were in the finals of the previous year are excluded from eligibility.

Eligible tracks are judged on each artists musical ability and appeal, the quality of the song, musical arrangements and the production quality of the track.

The Gold Medallion Awards are judged by radio presenters and broadcasters throughout Australia, who cast their vote by nominating Artist/Track selections in priority from 1 to 3. Poll position then determines the points awarded to each artist. ie.1st position earns the artist 3 points down to 3rd position earning the artist 1 point.

The votes are collated by the awards executive, and are then counted by independent scrutineers (including a Justice of the Peace from outside the country music industry). Results are signed off by the JP and then released through the country media. The finalists are notified of their status as a finalist and are each offered a complimentary ticket to the awards presentation.

The winners are announced and the awards presented (a wall plaque with an engraved Gold Medallion imbedded) at a special industry evening held during Australia's biggest country music event - The Tamworth Country Music Festival.